The @Globaltrade Syndication System is used by financial institutions for the managing, accounting, and tracking of syndicated credit facilities that issue bank guarantees and standby letters of credit. The system offers on-line access to real-time transaction and credit facility data for agent, fronting, and participating banks as well as for their corporate clients.


Key Features

  • Create and manage syndication structures
  • Track historical bank participation
  • Track historical transaction information
  • Define a commitment fee rate structure
  • Define a matrix for calculating commission rate based on guarantee or LC details
  • Define a method of calculating the fronting fee based on the participation of a fronting bank or group of banks
  • Define rules for the calculation of one-time issuance fees
  • Calculate and allocate commission, commitment, and fronting fees to syndicate banks automatically based on their historical participation and changes in the transaction portfolio
  • Enter back-dated transactions or participation structure changes and automatically calculate previous period adjustments
  • Configure and generate robust reports detailing guarantee and fee information in several file formats
  • Generate reports using current and historical information from transactions and credit facilities
  • Generate and email scheduled reports automatically
  • Monitor lifecycle of all guarantees in the portfolio for the syndicate
  • Provide on-line access to detailed credit facility and transaction information with drill-down functions to participating banks and corporate clients
  • Configure alerts and reminders for transactions and credit facilities
  • Allocate commission fees to corporate’ business units automatically
  • Track and enforce product type and validity limits
  • Update credit line utilization and availability automatically when exchange rates change
  • Configure user permissions
  • Provide separate login, reports, and guarantee records for each participating bank
  • Manage all users centrally or delegate user management to administrators of participating banks and corporate clients
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