Import Documentary Credit System standardizes and simplifies import documentary credit application, amendment, drawing and payment reconciliation process.


Benefits for Corporates

  • Real-time monitoring of bank, country, project, and counter-party exposure
  • Faster Import Documentary Credit issuance and amendment process
  • Real-time visibility into the company’s global Import Documentary Credit data base
  • Ability to react faster to changing market conditions due to electronic access to information
  • Quicker access to information due to the on-line availability of applications, issued LC, amendments, drawings, and shipping guarantees
  • Reduced operational and financial risk


Benefits for Financial Institutions

  • SWIFT messaging for seamless integration with back-office systems
  • Cost savings due to digital processing of transactions
  • Improved efficiency in communication with corporate clients
  • Ability to offer innovative trade services on top of a multi-bank trade finance platform
  • Access to a targeted community to sell trade finance products and services
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