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@GlobalTrade Platform has been awarded with the SWIFTReady for Corporates Trade & Supply Chain Finance label

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Supply Chain Finance

Our @GlobalTrade Supply Chain Financing system is an advanced electronic solution for banks enabling the offering of pre-shipment and post shipment financing. Buyers can use the system to submit / upload invoices electronically, and offer reverse factoring through extended flexible payment terms while suppliers can accept proposals and submit requests for earlier payments. The system provides the flexibility to deliver a mutually agreed upon financing rate between the suppliers and buyers. Banks use the system to provide discounting of invoices, factoring & distributor finance for the suppliers. The system’s flexible tools help its customers forecast cash flows effectively and protect their working capital.

Bank / Investor Functionality

  • Creation of Proposal
  • Submission of Proposal
  • Cancellation of Proposal
  • Review Accepted / Rejected Proposals
  • Discounting & Refinancing (includes partial discounting)
  • Dilution Buffer
  • Search Proposals, Discount Transactions, Invoices, Payments, Loans, Files
  • Discounting Scheduler
  • Interest Rate Upload
  • Currency & Exchange Rate Maintenance

Administrator Functionality

  • Profile Management (Registration of Companies, Agents, Bank Users, Financial Investors, etc.)
  • Accounts & Facility Profile
  • Creation of Rules
  • Set-up Scheduler
  • Start of day Processing
  • End of Day Processing

Buyer Functionality

  • Upload Invoice File
  • Release Uploaded Invoices
  • Review Rejected Invoices
  • Update / Cancel Invoice
  • Search Invoices / Payments

Supplier Functionality

  • Accept / Select Proposal (individual or multiple invoice selection option)
  • Reject Proposal
  • Create Request for Financing
  • Search Proposals, Discounted Transactions, Invoices & Payments

Financial Investor Functionality

  • Review / Accept Financial Instrument
  • Confirm Payment Settlement
  • Search Payments & Loans