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Export Documentary Collection System

Our @GlobalTrade Export Documentary Collection system is a web-based solution that provides treasury with an easier way to submit documents to a bank under an export documentary collection. System users can set up and manage collection-buyer profiles, import data from their ERP system and, with a click of a button, create any other documents required for a documentary collection. Logistics providers can collaborate on the document preparation and use the system for remote printing of documents.

Benefits for corporates

  • Improved efficiency in creation of Export Documentary Collection transactions
  • Faster document preparation and presentations to banks
  • Easy creation of reports
  • Ensure compliance through system notifications and e-mail alerts

Export Documentary Collection

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When are Export Documentary Collections used?

Export Documentary Collections can be used in situations where the Seller would like more certainty of getting paid by its overseas Buyer. With export collections, the Seller keeps control of the goods that they have shipped until the Buyer can see that delivery of the goods has been made and agrees to pay. The seller ships the goods and presents shipping documents, together with payment instructions to its bank who will send these to the buyer's bank. Under the Collection agreement, the buyer's bank will only release the shipping documents once the buyer has either made payment or promised to do so at a future agreed upon date.