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eUCP Consulting

Starting March 31, 2002 The Supplement for Electronic Presentation ("eUCP") to the ICC's UCP 500 comes into force accommodating presentation of electronic records alone or in combination with paper documents.

GlobalTrade Corporation's professional services staff offers assistance in the analysis, implementation, integration and management of electronic solutions for trade services.

GlobalTrade Corporation's consultants can help financial institutions, importers, exporters, and trade service providers to enable electronic presentation, comply with the new eUCP, and assess the impact of the eUCP on the organization's cost cutting and new revenue generation efforts.

GlobalTrade Corporation provides answers to primary issues that financial institutions have to address in order to start accepting electronic presentations. Such issues include:

  • How to provide for a secure electronic address to accommodate eUCP definition for a place of presentation?
  • How would my customers "sign" electronic records? Who will provide them with digital certificates?
  • How to combine electronic records and paper documents in one presentation?
  • If the electronic record presented can not be authenticated what are the bank's potential liabilities? How to find a practical solution for this that would not frustrate clients and would increase the volume of business?
GlobalTrade Corporation's technical consultants provide software customization services, integration of @GlobalTrade's applications with core business systems, implementation and project management support.

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