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@GlobalTrade Platform has been awarded with the SWIFTReady for Corporates Trade & Supply Chain Finance label

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Multi-Bank Trade Finance Platform

Multi-Bank Trade Platform Export Documentary Credit Export Documentary Collection Standby LC/Guarantee Receipt Import Documentary Credit Import Documentary Collection Standby LC/Guarantee Issuance Back-office and ERP Systems Multi-Bank Trade Finance System Global overview of your company-wide trade-finance activity Ability to coommunicate with multiple banks using the platform Option to allow Third Party Service Providers to submit their data directly into our platform Communicate with your banks via SWIFT messages using MT798 Communicate with multiple banks using the Web-Interface Easily exchange data between our multi-bank platform and your company’s ERP software Monitor your company activities across multiple offices in real time in your preferred currency Multi-layered security for your data Ready tool to migrate your existing data into our multi-bank trade finance system Prepare Shipping Documents for your exports within minutes Seamlessly connect to SWIFT and communicate with multiple banks via MT798 Manage transaction workflow based on transaction criteria like Guarantee Amount, LC Tenor etc Remain updated on the latest status of your trade transactions using Email Alerts Better manage your credit lines with multiple banks with our Facility Management Tool Our multi-bank trade finance system also supports automated fees and commission calculation on your trade finance transactions and credit lines Easily built report templates with our Reporting Tool, downloadable in multiple formats Archive your old and closed transactions in a more organized way with GTC’s Multi-Bank Trade Finance Solution Platform Modules Image Map

Putting Trade Finance in the Palm of Your Hand

GTC’s industry leading software is built on the basis of its @GlobalTradeTM platform. The platform provides unprecedented functionality that enables corporations and banks to save both money and time while reducing risk and improving monitoring and control. The @GlobalTrade Platform is considered a complete “Multi-Bank Trade Finance” solution, enabling corporates to connect with multiple financial institutions and consolidating all trade finance instruments.

The @GlobalTrade platform is highly configurable to meet a wide range of client needs. Our user-friendly web-based interface simplifies rollout across the enterprise and expedites user acceptance. The modular software design comes pre-configured ‘out of the box’ for various trade-finance systems. Each of them has been designed and tested to work with multiple companies and banks. A corporate head office can instantly connect with its subsidiaries and factories, as well as with its banks and logistics providers. @GlobalTrade is being adopted world-wide at a growing rate; large corporations and financial institutions want to lead the way in innovation as they move away from paper into a digitized environment.

Main Platform Functions

  • Instant visibility and control of all trade finance instruments company wide, via built-in multi-level organizational structure
  • Configurable electronic approval workflow
  • Security module for restricting access to transactions
  • Monitoring of credit limits
  • Automated and customizable alerts on key transaction dates and statuses
  • Real-time customizable report templates, with configurable reporting schedule
  • Administration of standard clauses
  • Activity logging and automated periodic archiving of completed transactions
  • eUCP electronic or mixed electronic and paper presentation
  • Collaboration with logistics providers on document preparation
  • Interfaces to corporates’ ERP
  • ‘Out of the Box’ SWIFT MT798 connectivity

Multi-Bank Capability

  • Web-based access to transactions and trade finance functions by authorized banks
  • Sending and receiving of messages to and from multiple banks’ back-office systems (With capability to send and receive MT700 series messages, including MT798)
  • On-line validation of banks’ ‘sent’ messages
  • Collaboration workflow with customers and logistics providers
  • Integration with bank’s back-office