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Media Coverage – Nov 2017 Ericsson to use Swift MT 798 as financial messaging standard – Sept 2017 Taking A Pragmatic Approach To Trade Finance Disruption
SWIFT – May 2015 Digital Trade and Trade Financing
Trade & Forfaiting Review – 1 October 2015 Jacob Katsman tells TFR how banks and larger corporates are embracing digital trade solutions
Treasury Management International – September 2014 Achieving Treasury Potential through Treasury System Hosting
SWIFT Firmenkunden Newsletter Mai 2014 SWIFT - Mai 2014 Volvo-Gruppe führt MT798 für Trade-Finance-Prozesse ein
Effizienzgewinn und Ausbau des Geschäfts durch SWIFT
Augsburger Allgemeine, Oct, 2012 SWIFT - Jan 2014 The Volvo Group joins SWIFT to increase competitiveness
Augsburger Allgemeine, Oct, 2012 GTR - May/June 2013 Multi-banking Solutions.
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Augsburger Allgemeine, Oct, 2012 Augsburger Allgemeine - October 2012 Von der Euro-Krise spüren wir wenig
Wirtschafts Woche, Oct, 2012 Wirtschafts Woche - October 2012 Volle Transparenz
Trade finance, Feb, 2012 Trade Finance - February 2012 Safran selects GTC's multi-bank trade finance platform
GTR, Feb, 2012 GTR - February 2012 Safran signs up to @GlobalTrade
SIBOS ISSUES, Sept, 2011 SIBOS ISSUES - 22 September 2011 Helping corporates manage a multi-bank world
GTR, Sept-Oct, 2008 ICC DCInsight July - September 2011 Three experts discuss electronic trade today and tomorrow
GTR, Sept-Oct, 2008 Supply Chain on SWIFT ISSUE 4 2010 Trading information with multiple banks
GTR, Sept-Oct, 2008 ICC DCInsight October-December 2009 What has changed in the last ten years
GTR, Sept-Oct, 2008 Global Trade Review - September-October 2008 Finland's Metsa group adopts new LC handling system
ICC DCInsight July-September 2007 ICC DCInsight July-September 2007 Multi-Bank Web-Based Technologies
Canadian Treasurer June/July 2007 Canadian Treasurer - June/July 2007 One Platform, Many Banks
IBS Journal May 2007 International Banking Systems Journal - May 2007 GlobalTrade Corporation: Friend or Foe?
DC-PRO October 2006 Global Trade Review - November/December 2006 Managing All Your Banks In One Place

Supply Chain System Talks About EADS
DC-PRO October 2006 DC-PRO - October 2006 Multi-Bank Platform Prepared For Take Off
L/C Monitor - November/December 2006

L/C Monitor - July/August 2006
EADS Goes Live With HVB - @GlobalTrade

HVB & GTC Bring To Market Multi-Bank Applications For Trade Services
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